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Legislative Committee

Chief Michael Frink Chief Richard Petrin Chief George Farrell, Ret. Chief Frank Sylvester Chief Joseph Baris Chief Nate Barrington Chief Richard Susi, Ret.  

Final 2015 House Bills of Interest that passed

Final Passed House Bills of Interest House Bill No. 5315 Sub A    SUPPORT    BY Gallison, Fogarty, Marshall, Winfield, Costantino ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO LABOR AND LABOR RELATIONS – FAIR EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES (Prohibits an employer from terminating an employee for failing to report to regularly scheduled work when employee is responding to an emergency […]

Senate bills of interest as of 7/25/18

Senate Bills of interest   Senate Bill No. 2060 BY  Lombardi, Miller, McCaffrey, Lynch Prata, Gallo ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO TOWNS AND CITIES – PAYMENTS TO FIRE COMPANIES (Provides for an appropriation of state funds to cities and towns who are members of the Narragansett Bay marine task force (NBMTF) for the maintenance of boats providing services to […]

RIAFC 2018 Monthly meetings

January 28, 2018 – Old Theater Diner February 22, 2018 – TBA March 22, 2018 – TBA April 19, 2018 – Bristol F.D. Clam Boil (night meeting) May 24, 2018 –TBA June 28, 2018 – TBA July 26, 2018 – TBA August TBA, 2018 – Clambake (Ballards Block Island) September 27, 2018 – Richmond CC (Mini Vendor Show) […]

Honor Flight Board

Chief George Farrell, ret. – Chairman Asst. Chief Brian Jackvony – Vice Chairman Chief Kenneth Finlay – Board member Chief David Sayles, ret. – Board member Chief Timothy McLaughlin – Board member Asst. Chief James McLaughlin – Board member Wayne Moore – Board member Julie Latessa – Board member Asst. Chief Steve Hay, ret. – […]

RIAFC Foundation Board

Chief George Farrell, ret. – President Deputy Chief Timothy Walsh – Vice President Kimberly Dawson – Secretary Chief Stuart Pearson – Director Representative through 2015 Chief Kenneth Finlay – Director Representative through 2016 Chief Robert Bradley – Director Representative through 2017 Chief Michael Frink – RIAFC President 2015 Asst. Chief William Giannini, ret. – RIAFC […]