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100 Club of RI pledges $50,000 to RI Fire Chiefs for the RI Firefighters Memorial

In an extremely generous show of support, the 100 Club of Rhode Island pledged $50,000 to the RIAFC Foundation’s project to build the RI Firefighters Memorial at the RI Fire Academy.

A commitment letter presentation was made by 100 Club President Jim Grundy and 100 Club Vice President Joe Terino at the club’s annual golf tournament & fund raiser held at the Alpine Country Club. Accepting the letter on behalf of the RIAFC and the RIAFC Foundation were Chief Frank Brown – RIAFC President, Chief Oscar Elmasian – RIAFC Vice President, Chief Rick Petrin – RIAFC Immediate Past President and Chief Rick Susi, Ret – RIAFC Executive Director.

The RI Firefighter Memorial project is in the design phase and about ready to go out to bid. The project should be completed by the Summer of 2019. The RIAFC and the RIAFC Foundation are in the process of raising funds through the sale of raffle tickets, the sale of engraved bricks that will featured in the memorial, as well as other limited special types of sponsorships.

The 100 Club of Rhode Island was founded in 1972 by a group of local businessmen, as a private charitable organization. Its primary mission is to provide financial assistance to the families of police officers, firefighters and paramedics who have lost their lives in the line of duty. To put it another way, it’s a group of thoughtful and grateful individuals who are mindful of the daily risks taken by police officers and firefighters. A 100 Club flag will fly at the memorial and a plaque will commemorate their generous contribution to the project.

For information about how you, your department, your organization or business can help please contact the RIAFC at 401-692-0795 or email at


R.I. Firefighters Memorial Fundraiser

R.I. Firefighters Memorial Fundraiser

One of the fundraising opportunities to support the effort to build the RI Firefighters Memorial is a raffle. The prizes are outlined on the image of the ticket below.

Individual tickets can be purchased at various RIAFC events and meetings, or directly from board members.

Tickets can also be purchased online by scrolling down and filling out the form. Tickets purchased online will be sold with a minimum of 5 tickets per sale, and paid by Credit card through our Paypal account.

Tickets purchased online will be mailed upon completion of payment.

Memorial Raffle

Online raffle ticket purchase for the RI Firefighters Memorial
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RI Association of Fire Chiefs unveil plans for the first “RI Firefighter Memorial”

The RI Association of Fire Chiefs and the RIAFC Foundation unveiled the renderings of the planned RI Firefighter Memorial, which will be located at the RI Fire Academy.  The plans were presented on June 28, 2018 at their monthly meeting that was held at the RI Fire Academy. In addition, the first official donation to the fundraising effort was made by the RI Southern Firefighters League, presented by league president, Chief Nate Barrington and Chief Fred Stanley, Ret. who just retired as league president and made the motion for the donation. Also presenting the check to RIAFC president Chief Frank Brown was Chief Justin Lee, league treasurer. more below………

Also announced was the start of the fund raising process that will include various ways to support Rhode Islands first statewide firefighter memorial. Plans to sell different size bricks that will outline the walkway will be offered with the ability to have a personalized inscription. Additionally, a series of bronze plaques will be made available for larger donors. These plaques will be placed on the face of the sitting wall at the front of the memorial plaza. Other forms of support will come from a “Go Fund Me Page” and a raffle to win a weekend at Block Island.

The RI Association of Fire Chiefs and the RIAFC Foundation have already committed $25,000, so far, to this project that is being designed and managed for them by the Robinson Green Beretta Corporation. Construction documents are being drawn up and a budget will soon be established. The project is expected to cost in excess of $100,000 that will also hopefully include in-kind donations of materials and services.

The RIAFC Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the RI Association of Fire Chiefs,  is a 501C3 organization and all donations to this project are completely tax deductable. As the fund raising effort begins to ramp up more information will be coming out. Fire service organizations around the state will be invited to support this effort that is expected to be completed in the next 12 months, if not sooner.

Stay tuned!

“GO FUND ME” page for RI Firefighter Memorial


RI Southern Firefighters League donates $5,000 to effort to build the RI Firefighters Memorial

Long time president of the Southern League, Chief Fred Stanley, Ret., presided over his final meeting as its leader Monday night, June 25th. An installation ceremony was conducted and the new board members were sworn by State Representative Kathy Fogarty. Kingston Fire Department Chief Nate Barrington was installed as president. The league board members pictured above are, from left to right, Lt Chris Koretski, Chief Robert Peacock, outgoing president Chief Fred Stanley, Ret., incoming president, Chief Nate Barrington, Chief Scott Barber, and Chief Justin Lee.

In one of his final actions as president, Chief Stanley made a motion for the league to donate $5,000 to the RI Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation, to be used in their effort to build the first statewide RI Firefighter Memorial at the RI Fire Academy. The motion passed unanimously and with his leadership of the league coming to an end, Chief Stanley can take great pride in being part of what will be a wonderful firefighter memorial and a finishing touch to the fire academy he worked so hard to see built.

RIAFC president, Chief Frank Brown thanked the members for their generosity and mentioned that we would all be awaiting it’s completion. Name recognition of the league on the memorial will highlight its good work and generosity for generations of firefighters to come.

Congratulations to the the newly sworn in board members. These leaders have big shoes to fill. Offering some very wise final remarks, Chief Stanley reminded them about the business of serving the public in their time of need, “always keep the victims best interests in mind and you will make the right decisions.”

Thank you Chief Stanley!

PPA Registration OPEN for 2018 Summer/Fall Testing Cycle


The Firefighter Physical Performance Assessment (PPA) test registration period is now open.

Click on the link below to go directly to the PPA Information and Registration page

1971 Version of the lapel pin given to members of the RI Fire Chiefs Club

Chief Joe Terino, the retired fire chief of the former Fruit Hill Fire Department in North Providence is a member of the 100 Club board of directors as well as an honorary member of the RIAFC. He decided to look for his original lapel pin, given to him by the RI Fire Chiefs Club, back in 1971.

We certainly appreciate the effort and thought you would like to have a look at a part of our history. Enjoy!

RIAFC members meet with RI Congressional Delegation in Washington DC

Fourteen members of the RIAFC met with Senators Reed and Whitehouse, as well as Congressmen Langevin and Cicilline in their Washington DC offices on Wednesday, April 18th. Led by RIAFC President, Chief Frank Brown, and RIAFC Foundation President, Chief Tim Walsh, delegation members were each presented with an RIAFC 50th Anniversary lapel pin. Discussions with the delegation centered around various matters of importance to the fire service, including grant funding, National Fire Academy support and issues dealing with hazardous materials.

In addition, Congressman Langevin was presented a plaque in appreciation for his hard work to see that the fire sprinkler tax incentive became a reality. He has been a key proponent and leader on the issue since the Station Night Club Fire. The chiefs were also treated to a tour of the Capitol at the conclusion of the meetings, all happening during their whirlwind one day visit to our nations capitol.

RIAFC Pushing Support for Residential Sprinklers

The RIAFC has been a strong supporter of the use of residential sprinklers. Recently, and under the direction of RIAFC President Chief Frank Brown, the RIAFC has had two pieces of legislation submitted in the RI General Assembly dealing with residential sprinklers.

H-7426 offering an alternative to using cisterns

H-7783 offering new construction home buyers a chance to get information and sprinklers installed

Neither of these bills make requirements of the home builders, but offer a smart alternative to the installation of a water cistern in areas without water, and a chance for purchasers of new construction homes to receive information and possibly make a choice to install residential sprinklers prior to construction of their new home. A pamphlet offering information and dispelling untrue myths about sprinklers is published by the RI Sprinkler Coalition on their webpage. Click here for the pamphlet.

Recently, a column written by fire safety specialist Jane Perkins appeared in the Westerly Sun. The column promoted the use of residential sprinklers and the RI Sprinkler Coalition.

You can read the column by clicking here.

When the RI Sprinkler Coalition was formed in September of 2016, the RIAFC made a commitment to have its current president and 1st vice president always co-chair this important coalition. Working with organizations and partners  like NFPA, NFSA, RI Fire Marshals office, RI Building Officials, RI Home Builders, RI Fire Marshals Association, RI Building Commission and more, the RI Sprinkler Coalition hopes to educate the public and all interested parties about the benefits of residential sprinklers. The RI Sprinkler Coalition also has their own webpage with important information. The following link will take you directly to that webpage.

The RI Sprinkler Coalition

If you have any questions please contact RIAFC Executive Director, Chief Richard Susi at or 401-692-0795

Below- Fire Chiefs, Fire Officials and partners from many national fire safety organizations recently took this picture at the Station Fire Memorial in West Warwick RI, each holding a sprinkler head, in support of the installation of sprinklers as the absolute most effective, pro-active fire safety system available.


100 Club Scholorship application deadline is March 1, 2018

Click here to go directly to the 100 Club Scholarship Application

To All RIAFC members,

Re: Active duty firefighters with college age children

Please see that your personnel have this important scholarship information ASAP. This is extremely time sensitive, with the application period ending on March 1st, 2018.

The link to the scholarship application is above and the link to learn more about the 100 Club  is below on their logo. The 100 Club is an amazing organization that exists to support our firefighters and police officers. I cannot stress enough that you should make sure that your members are aware of the 100 Club, and what they do for RI firefighters and police officers.