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Requests for RI Assoc. of Fire Chiefs annual membership dues


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RIAFC Representatives on boards, committees & other groups



Ambulance Service Advisory Board



Board of Appeal & Review

Education & Training

Forest Fire Advisory Committee

Chief Mark St. Pierre

Chief Scott Barber


EMS Advisory Committee

Public Relations Committee

Chief Frink

Chief Petrin

Chief Brown

Chief Pearson

Chief Susi

Audit Committee

Legislative Committee

Chief Michael Frink

Chief Richard Petrin

Chief George Farrell, Ret.

Chief Frank Sylvester

Chief Joseph Baris

Chief Nate Barrington

Chief Richard Susi, Ret.


Honor Flight Board

Chief George Farrell, ret. – Chairman

Asst. Chief Brian Jackvony – Vice Chairman

Chief Kenneth Finlay – Board member

Chief David Sayles, ret. – Board member

Chief Timothy McLaughlin – Board member

Asst. Chief James McLaughlin – Board member

Wayne Moore – Board member

Julie Latessa – Board member

Asst. Chief Steve Hay, ret. – Board member

Asst. Chief William Giannini, ret. – RIAFC Treasurer

Chief Richard Susi, ret. – RIAFC Executive Director  401-692-0795