A Veteran’s Day of Honor

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R.I. Association of Fire Chiefs PPA Test

We’re Moving Our PPA Test Location

We are moving our testing location to 750 School Street in Pawtucket, RI

If you want to be a firefighter in R.I. you still need our testing certification

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PPA new location

ppa complete

The first two pictures show the main area (180 x 35) looking each way from the point where the horizontal ladder rack would be mounted. The next two pictures show the stairway, 9 steps to first landing, then 14 steps to next landing.

Requests for RI Assoc. of Fire Chiefs annual membership dues


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Tammany Hall dedicating St Patricks fundraiser to RI Fire Chiefs organizations

The RIAFC would like to thank Mike Shine and Tammany Hall for including us in their charitable donation. We wish them the “Luck of the Irish” and urge our members to support them during their St. Patricks Day celebration.

CPR Protocols

Fourth “RI Fire Up Public Service” Reception


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2017 RIAFC Foundation Sponsorship Application