RIAFC urges fire service support of the 100 Club of RI


The 100 Club members have a special feeling of gratitude for police officers and firefighters.

Membership eligibility for the 100 Club of Rhode Island is determined by a Board of Directors chosen by and from 100 Club voting members. New members must be sponsored by a minimum of two current 100 Club members in good standing. Membership is open to individuals who share the beliefs and objectives of The 100 Club of Rhode Island.

Membership categories include Active or Retired Police or Fire at $50 per year, Individual at $100 per year, and Lifetime at a one-time cost of $1000. All dues are tax deductible. To preclude any conflict of interest, only Individual and Lifetime members can vote, serve on our various committees, or serve as an Officer or member of the Board of Directors. A general membership meeting is held once a year.

The 100 Club of Rhode Island was founded as an entirely civilian organization in 1972. However, in response to many inquiries from actively serving public safety officials who appreciate our services to their families, active full-time law enforcement officers, firefighters, and rescue personnel became eligible for non-voting membership in June of 2014.

If you are interested in joining the 100 Club of Rhode Island, please print out and complete the membership application or call/email Lorraine C. Slaney at (401) 421-2500.


Click on the following link to go directly to the 100 Club of RI website


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