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RIAFC Steak Fry Meeting October 20, 2022

steak fry flyer 2022

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2022 RIAFC Steak Fry

Please join us for this years RIAFC Steak Fry at Club Jogues. If you would like to attend please complete the form below.
  • Price: $25.00
    Please indicate the number of tickets you would like to purchase
  • $0.00

NFSA & RI Fire Sprinkler Coalition holds demo at The Big E

The R.I. Fire Sprinkler Coalition, in cooperation with the National Fire Sprinkler Association, held a fire sprinkler demonstration at The Big E in Springfield Massachusetts. The series of demonstrations were held on “Rhode Island Day” at The Big E.

Funding Assistance for new volunteer firefighters through RIAFC Foundation SAFER Grant

RIAFC SAFER 2 – Reimbursement Request Form v4 FILLABLE


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FREE “Everyday Leadership” seminar on September 24th & 25th sponsored by RIAFC Foundation



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Retired Boston Fire Commissioner/Chief of Department Joseph Finn’s speech at the recent RI Firefighters Celebration of Service

Retired Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn gave the keynote speech at the RI Firefighters Memorial “Celebration of Service” on Saturday, May 7th. His message is one that all firefighters should hear and take to heart. We hope you will take the time to listen to the full 9 minute speech that we have posted here from Youtube.

Cigar dinner to benefit RI Fire Chiefs Honor Flight

Cranston Firefighters IAFF Local 1363 are once again sponsoring a Cigar Dinner to benefit the RI Fire Chiefs Honor Flight Hub. This event is always a sellout so get your tickets early. For tickets, contact Chuck Pollack at 401-569-2800.


Retired Boston Fire Commissioner Joseph Finn to keynote May 7th Celebration of Service

Memorial Invite May 7, 2022 V1


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NFA Weekend classes, July 8 – 10, 2022

Flyer for NFA Weekend July 8, 2022

Please find attached the flyer for the.  This year all students must submit a RIFA Application to me and also register online with the NFA.  Instructions for using the NFA online System are attached for your convenience.   Please make sure you forward your Rhode Island Application to me as well as Registering online with NFA.

Continuing their generosity, the RIAFC Foundation will be sponsoring half of the payment for Rhode Island members.

Deadline to register is May 13, 2022.

Thank you.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Tina Ahlborg

State Fire Training Academy

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Department of Business Regulations

4 Green Lane

Exeter, RI 02822

(401) 667-3777


Download the PDF file .

Instructions for using the NFA online system.

  1. The students should go to [] and complete the online application before the deadline in the brochure.
  2. The student must input their FEMA Student ID and first/last name. If the student does not already have a FEMA Student ID (SID), they should go to [] SID to register for one. The FEMA SID is ten digits.
  3. The student must click “Verify” after entering their FEMA SID and first and last names. The system will return the middle name, suffix, and date of birth from the SID system.
  4. To continue, the student must see “Verified!” after clicking Verify. Select next to continue.
  5. Complete the fields on the Demographic Information screen (starred fields are required). Select next to continue.
  6. The Course/Offer Information screen requires the student to select a course. To do this the student must select the drop-down arrow and scroll to the applicable course code. In this case, the State Weekend courses will have a W code. Select apply and then select next.
  7. The second Course/Offer Information screen allows the student to select the Offer Start Date. They should select the offer start date for the weekend. In the “Briefly describe…” box, the student should enter information related to their duties and responsibilities as it relates to the course for which they are applying. Change the Disabilities drop-down to Yes is there is need for a special accommodation. Once completed select save and next.
  8. On the Organizational Information page, the student must enter in all information requested. Once completed the student should select next.
  9. Enter information in each of the boxes and continue.
  10. The next screen is labeled Other Information. This screen is optional. These fields are

    used for statistical purposes only. Once completed select next.

  11. Select next since there would be no attachments.
  12. At this point, you will be asked if you have completed all the information. You should

    select Yes. If there is any required information that is missing, you will need to go back

    and correct that before the application will move forward.

  13. The Head of Organizational Information screen is where you enter the name and email

    address of the person who will endorse the application. In this case, it will probably the

    State Fire Academy point of contact.

  14. Once the student clicks submit, the Head of the Sponsoring Organization has 14 days to

    endorse the application, or it will be automatically rejected.

  15. This is the final screen showing the student that they successfully applied for their

    selected course.

If a student has an issue or a question regarding the online admissions system or the process, please contact:

NETC Admissions Office (301) 447-1035