Five Alarm Leadership Seminar – January 10, 2015

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SAVE the date: January 10, 2015

Location: West Valley Inn, West Warwick RI

Cost: $25 per person (The fee will include coffee pastry in the morning, hot and cold buffet for lunch and coffee pastry in the afternoon.)

The RIAFC will host the Five Alarm Leadership seminar as well as the Fireground Scenario workshop on January 10, 2015 at the West Valley Inn in West Warwick. Chief Rick Lasky and Battalion Chief John Salka will be presenting this popular and informational day long program from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours.

Firefighters, company officers and chiefs should register for this one day seminar. (Scroll down to register and pay for this seminar).

Five Alarm Leadership: Real Leadership With Real People

Five Alarm Leadership is a dynamic program that is designed to energize and motivate the people in your department to perform and excel in everything they do. This program outlines many of the common situations that fire departments and fire companies find themselves in and presents suggestions and solutions to those situations. Chiefs Salka and Lasky, both 30-plus year veterans of the fire service have experienced many of the challenges and hurdles that your fire department is facing. They have learned through their experience as a company grade officer, command-level officer, and executive officer, how to treat people, how to motivate them, to coach and counsel them, and in some cases discipline them, so that they want to come back and contribute even more to this great profession. Issues such as integrity, inspiration, interest, innovation, insight and initiative are all discussed and applied to life in the firehouse and on the fireground. Join Chiefs John Salka and Rick Lasky as they guide you through your most difficult but vital role as a leader in the fire service.

Fireground Scenario Workshop

This program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for firefighters, company officers, and chiefs to experience a number of different types of structural fires. Examine fires in private dwellings, commercial buildings, apartment houses, and office buildings. Whatever your experience level is, you will certainly see something you have never seen before in this workshop. During the fire scenarios, the tactics, strategies and other factors will be analyzed and discussed. Students will have an opportunity to comment on what is happening in the scenario and how they might handle a similar situation in their own department. This will be an interesting, fast-moving, and entertaining program that you don’t want to miss.