RIAFC Legislative Information

The information on this page is provided for the convenience of RIAFC members and our legislative partners. It contains the most up to date information about the activity of the RI General Assembly that is of interest to the RIAFC.

This information includes scheduled hearings of interest, pdf versions of bills of interest, a calendar of upcoming activities and events, and more.

If you would like to go directly to the RI General Assembly’s website click on the link below.


House Bills as of 6/9/21

Condition: {Session Year: 2021} {Bills: 5017,5039,5118,5125,5161,5165,5178,5183,5269,5294,5359,5427,5479,5490,5493,5523,5531,5592,5596,5629,5891,6010,6139,6005,6282,6331,6357} House Bill No. 5017 BY  Slater ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO FOOD AND DRUGS — THE EDWARD O. HAWKINS AND THOMAS C. SLATER MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT (Adds a definition to the term “manufacture” in the medical marijuana chapter.) {LC229/1} 01/13/2021 Introduced, referred to House H.E.W. 02/02/2021 Committee transferred to House Health […]

Senate Bills as of 6/9/21

Condition: {Session Year: 2021} {Bills: 44,59,92,132,174,261,375,385,390,547,568,860,941} Senate Bill No. 44  SUB A BY  Sosnowski, DiPalma, Seveney, Rogers, Raptakis ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAXATION — VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTER/EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION ENABLING LEGISLATION (Allows municipalities to establish a program providing property tax exemption to active duty individuals who volunteer services as a firefighter […]