Redline First Responder Gear Cleaning is a new vendor member of the RIAFC

Michael Matros

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Redline First Responder Gear Cleaning & Inspecting was founded by a firefighter, for the firefighters. We created a mobile extraction unit which is able to come directly to the fire station and take care of all advanced cleanings, along with emergent cleanings.
Updated requirements in NFPA 1851 will create challenges for many fire departments that don’t have the resources to provide frequent cleaning of turnout gear. We have produced a cost effective way to get this gear cleaned quickly and safely.
We are a certified ISP. Everything is self-contained. We can clean Jackets, pants, helmets, boots, hoods, and gloves. Our MEU has the capacity to run 30 sets of gear a day.

Redline Truck overview

Download the PDF file .