RI Southern Firefighters League donates $5,000 to effort to build the RI Firefighters Memorial

Long time president of the Southern League, Chief Fred Stanley, Ret., presided over his final meeting as its leader Monday night, June 25th. An installation ceremony was conducted and the new board members were sworn by State Representative Kathy Fogarty. Kingston Fire Department Chief Nate Barrington was installed as president. The league board members pictured above are, from left to right, Lt Chris Koretski, Chief Robert Peacock, outgoing president Chief Fred Stanley, Ret., incoming president, Chief Nate Barrington, Chief Scott Barber, and Chief Justin Lee.

In one of his final actions as president, Chief Stanley made a motion for the league to donate $5,000 to the RI Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation, to be used in their effort to build the first statewide RI Firefighter Memorial at the RI Fire Academy. The motion passed unanimously and with his leadership of the league coming to an end, Chief Stanley can take great pride in being part of what will be a wonderful firefighter memorial and a finishing touch to the fire academy he worked so hard to see built.

RIAFC president, Chief Frank Brown thanked the members for their generosity and mentioned that we would all be awaiting it’s completion. Name recognition of the league on the memorial will highlight its good work and generosity for generations of firefighters to come.

Congratulations to the the newly sworn in board members. These leaders have big shoes to fill. Offering some very wise final remarks, Chief Stanley reminded them about the business of serving the public in their time of need, “always keep the victims best interests in mind and you will make the right decisions.”

Thank you Chief Stanley!