Order of Demolay donates $860 to Honor Flight

The Fidelity Chapter Order of Demolay has donated $860 to the…

Honor Flight Oscar video


Honor Flight WW II veterans at Julie Latessa’s Christmas celebration 2016

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The RIAFC Foundation


The purpose of this non-profit corporation is to be a public charity whose focus is to raise funds, and disseminate those funds, to aid the education and training of the fire service as well as to support, and work closely with organizations and members of the community whose charitable efforts strengthen the fire service and the community in general. To accomplish this purpose the Foundation shall:

riafc foundation
  • Provide

    Provide for the assembly of RIAFC Foundation Directors and Executive Board members to discuss ways and means to raise and disseminate funds that will be used for the betterment of the fire service and the community in general.

  • Cooperate

    Cooperate with all allied and interested organizations that promote programs that further the education and training goals and objectives of the fire service.

  • Encourage

    Help fund and encourage the development of public education in fire prevention for the preservation of human life and protection of property and material resources from destruction by fire.

  • Assist

    Financially assist the expansion of present facilities for fire department training and to sponsor higher education for fire officers and personnel in technical branches and specialties of the fire service.

  • Promote

    Promote programs for fire fighter’s health and safety that create a work environment that reduces the risk to members of the fire service.

  • Support

    Support and encourage fire service training and education in the delivery of pre-hospital emergency care and medical services at various proficiency levels to relieve human suffering and trauma.